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Parcel delivery to Germany

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Hello there. Do you accept parcel delivery to Germany? I have a friend who is residing in Munich, Germany and I would like to send some stuff to him immediately.

I am from Sydney, Australia and I wish to send multiple parcels of varying sizes in about a weeks time. I am not sure how much the boxes would weigh when full. To give you an idea though, I would be sending local seasonal fruits, candies, canned goods, different noodle varieties, chocolates, spices and more.

Do you have any idea what items are not allowed for shipment? I would be sending mostly edible stuff and I want to make sure that they won’t get confiscated. Can you send me a full list of restrictions, if any? Also, how many days would the shipment take? I am hoping that it would only be a total of 3 days because some of the food items I will send have short shelf life.

I would be waiting for your email so I hope you reply immediately. You guys can call me as well. Thank you.

Country: Australia

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