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Parcel delivery to the United Kingdom (UK)

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My company, FHT and Company, is a mid size logistics management firm that handles corporate travel arrangements and leisure activities. We are based in Dublin, Ireland but need to find a shipping company that can make regular deliveries of office supplies to our satellite office in Manchester, England. we also have an office in Newtown, Wales that we need to ship to as well so if you can handle both locations, that would be even better.

Besides office supplies, we will need to ship parcels of promotional goods to these offices for them to distribute to their clientele. Examples of these promotional items are t-shirts and baseball caps with company logos on them, coffee mugs or mouse pads with the company name, and other such items to help boost moral within a company. We would like someone who is flexible with delivery times and scheduling so please notify us of any perimeters pertaining to your company that we will need to know. Happy bidding!

Company: FHT and Company

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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