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Parcel delivery to Lithuania

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I need some help with parcel delivery to Lithuania please. I run a blood bank in Minsk, Belarus called The Gift of Life and we have been signing up some blood banks to help feed into our main hub in Minsk all over Lithuania, but mainly around Kaunas.

I would need to send some documentation to these locations, such as intake forms, procedure booklets, pamphlets to get new business- things of that nature. We have a transport system in place that handles the actual shipment of the blood and plasma as that is under strict licensing and regulations for safety reasons. All I need help with is the parcel delivery portion of this, so the paper goods and such.

I would ideally like a company that I can grow with as The Gift of Life expands to other regions and countries so if your company has that capability, please indicate that when you respond to this post. This is not necessarily a deal breaker though but it would be nice to cultivate that relationship and see it grow as we do.

Company: The Gift of Life

Country: Lithuania

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