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Package delivery to St Louis - Missouri

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Hello. I am located in Madrid, Spain, and I need to send a package delivery to St. Louis - Missouri, over in the United States. Is there anyone who may be reading this post who can send me information about all that is involved? I would also like to know if your company has a shipping office nearby? I ask this because I need some assistance in preparing this package for shipping. Does your company sell packing supplies at your office? Please tell me how much those supplies will cost.

Are you able to provide me with an estimate of when you will deliver this package to St. Louis? I would also like to have information about your express shipping services as well. That is, if you offer an express service. What are your standard shipping rates for each of these services? How will I find out about what is required for the United States customs? Does your company handle all of this paperwork? Will I have to pay taxes on this shipment?

I will appreciate your taking the time to respond to my questions.

Name: Delmer Badilla

Country: United States

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