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Package delivery to Detroit - Michigan

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I am here to ask for information about a package delivery to Detroit - Michigan. What must we do in order to ship our package with your company? We are uncertain at this point if there will be other shipments. So if this is the only one, how will we be able to pay for this shipment? Will we still have to go through the process of establishing an account with your company?

Is your company licensed and insured so that you are legally authorized to complete shipments between France and the United States? Are you also bonded with the U.S. Customs? What will happen if our shipment is delayed at customs for any reason? Will you notify us of the issue and also with a possible resolution?

Will you please explain what is a fuel surcharge. Does this have anything to do with the current fuel prices? Or is this simply some means for shipping companies to add on additional fees? I will look for your information in our email account that we have provided with this forum.

Name: Court Arsenault

Company: Enrhardline

Country: United States

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