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Package delivery to Lima

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Good day all. I am in need of a package delivery company and am hoping to get some options on this web site. I live in Orleans, France which is south west of Paris as a reference. The destination of the above mentioned package will be Lima, Peru so this will be an International shipment if that matters much.

The package itself is not much bigger that a large envelope. It will contain a book and some papers in it- nothing else. I do not need insurance on it as it does not hold too much monetary value. However, I would like to see about getting a tracking number on it if that is possible with your company.

I am looking for an economical way to do this but do not want to use some fly by night company to delivery this package. Please let me know about your company in your response and why I should use you over your competitors. Thank you.

Name: Linda Grover

Country: Peru

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