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Parcel delivery to Argentina

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I want to have some packages delivered to Bueno Aires, Argentina from Adelaide, Australia. These packages contain locally made candies and chocolates for my nephews and nieces. I haven’t weighed all the items yet but most of these products are 500 grams and bigger.
This is my first time to ship any items internationally so I am a bit nervous if they would arrive on time and in great condition. After this initial shipment, I plan to send some other items soon if the shipment of these packages would be a success.

Is my parcel delivery to Argentina possible? I really don’t have any idea what is allowed or not so please send me some guidelines so I would know what not to send to my relatives. Email me your rates as soon as possible please because I want my parcels to arrive before my nephew’s birthday which is a month from now.

I will be waiting for email and I will contact you again soon. Give me a comprehensive list of your rates so I can save up for the future shipping fees for the other parcels I will be sending soon.

Country: Australia

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