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Hello. Do you accept parcel delivery to France? Do you accept shipments of fragile objects such as a bottle of wine?

I am from Glasgow, UK and I really need to send this parcel to my friend in Bordeaux, France. You see, he makes wine and is really passionate about it. He has a huge cellar of wine which he collects. Thanks to him, I have been educated sufficiently about wine as well.
There was a small wine fair here in the UK and I came across a very old bottle and I was shocked because it was one of the wines that he has been looking for for years now. I got the wine from an old lady who doesn’t have any idea that she has in her possession a wonderfully rare wine.

I know I should be flying this bottle of wine personally but I just have no time to do so because I am swamped with work. My friend cannot come over as well because he is busy with the harvest.

Please email me your rates on sending this bottle of wine immediately. I hope that I really could entrust you this rare item without having to worry about it getting stolen or broken. Thank you.

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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