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Household National movers in Uruguay

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I am here in hopes of connecting with a company that is also household national movers in Uruguay. The move that I must undertake, I plan to begin next month. I think this will give me plenty of time to properly plan. How soon will your company be available to begin working with me on this move? Will you dispatch a company representative to my current residence and make an evaluation of my specific moving requirements? Will that person also be able to provide me with an estimate of how much you will charge me for this move? Will this be a binding estimate?

Can I purchase moving supplies such as boxes and padding from your company? I am unsure of how many boxes I will need. I suppose your company's rep will be able to advise me of that when they arrive. Since I have included my email address with this forum, will you please send your company's information through that method? Thanks.

Name: Conrado Del Sol

Country: Uruguay

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