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International Excess baggage to Russia

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I must travel between London, United Kingdom (UK) and Moscow, Russia next month. Since this is a business trip and part of my job is to make presentations, I must take more baggage than I would normally. This means that I will either have to pay large fees to ship the excess baggage with the airline, or I will have to ship this baggage with a different company. If your company completes excess baggage deliveries, would you mind responding to a few questions.

Do you charge by the quantity of bags or by the weight? How many bags do you allow to be shipped at once? Do you have a limit on the size of the bags? Do you have a location that I will pickup this baggage once it is delivered to Moscow? Or would you deliver the baggage to my hotel? This baggage must be delivered by the time of my arrival. Do you offer any guarantees of on time delivery? Can you also promise my baggage will arrive undamaged?

Yes, I have quite a lot of questions, and I will greatly appreciate your sending me a reply. Thank you.

Name: Pauline Francois

Country: Russia

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