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Containerized Ocean cargo to Kuwait

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I am looking for information about containerized ocean cargo to Kuwait. The shipment is a load of glass products that will be shipped from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Does your company provide shipping services from Toronto? When can your company schedule a pickup at our warehouse? Would you prefer that we live load your container, or would you rather drop an empty container at our warehouse a couple of days before the scheduled pickup?

The shipment's gross weight is slightly more than 19 metric tonnes. Does your company charge by tonnage, distance, or by some other metric? Although we take great care in preparing these glass products for shipping, we ask if you can guarantee you will deliver this cargo undamaged? Do you offer insurance that will cover any damages that you do not? What is your estimated time to deliver this cargo to Kuwait?

Please use the provided contact information when you send your information packet to us. That is the quickest way for us to receive your information. It will also avoid unnecessary delays that could occur. Thank you for sending this information as soon as possible.

Name: Bill Johnson

Company: Winsor Ltd

Country: Kuwait

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