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Parcel and document delivery to Australia

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The law offices of Flannigan, O'Shea and Shammey is headquartered in Southern Ireland but we are going to opening a satellite office in Western Australia the middle of next year. We would like to find a delivery company that can handle regular deliveries of parcels to and from Australia. the contents of these parcels will more often than not be sensitive documents, both in nature and time, so security is our number one priority. Both our reputation and our client's integrity is on the line every time we ship something.

If you represent a company that has similar values and ethical standings, then we would love to have a bid from you. Please submit your proposal for shipping costs including the terms and conditions that you would like us to be aware of before beginning to work with you. Also, please include any customs documentation that we may need to have on file before we begin to utilize your services. Ask any questions before bidding. Otherwise, we look forward to reading your proposals!

Company: Flannigan, O'Shea and Shammey

Country: Australia

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