Containerized Ocean cargo to Uruguay
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Containerized Ocean cargo to Uruguay

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Containerized ocean cargo to Uruguay, is the topic that I am here to ask of. My company is processing an order that will be ready to ship within one week. If your company will be available to provide a pickup at our warehouse at New Haven, Connecticut, United States, then please contact me as soon as possible.

First of all, if it will be necessary for us to have an account setup, then please include in your initial email what documentation is necessary, as well as your email and / or fax number. Will you also include your current rates, as well as your payment options that you offer? What is your estimate of time to deliver to Uruguay? Is there someone at your company that will be assigned as our account representative? Will this person be our go to person for any question that we may have?

The email address provided to this forum is our direct and most monitored email account. Please send you shipping information to this address and we will reply to your email shortly. Thanks.

Name: Laszio Rebolledo

Company: Unireot Inc.

Country: Uruguay

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