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Parcel delivery to Slovenia

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I need to investigate having some parcel deliveries to Maribor, Slovenia in the coming month please. My son just started college there so I would like to ship some of his personal effects to his dorm room. I don;t need to send everything right now' just in the nest month or two will be fine as he is traveling for school at the moment.

The boxes I want to send him are just full of pictures, books and some clothes like his winter coat, for example. There will be no liquid items that need to be sent, but it may be a good idea if you could supply me with a list of approved items that can be shipped to Slovenia and what can not so that I know when packing some stuff up for him. Also, please let me know if you can give me a tracking number or delivery confirmation for the parcels as that would be useful, although not a necessity. Finally, let me know if I need to have him sign for the packages or if I can opt to have them left on his doorstep.

Country: Slovenia

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