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Household National movers in Bolivia

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I need the attention of household national movers in Bolivia who can move my possessions between cities. How soon can your company begin this move? And how soon can you have it completed? What I would like to ask your company, is are you licensed and insured to operate in Bolivia? Will your insurance coverage protect my belongings if they are damaged during the move?

Will you please include with your information package a quote of your standard moving services? Are there any accessorial charges that you may add on to this quote? Will your company provide packing services? Do you also provide the packing supplies such as boxes and padding? What are your charges for both of these services? Will you dispatch a representative to my home to make an assessment of my moving needs?

I am confident that your information package will explain most of my questions. Please include your contact information so that I may contact you directly to discuss the rest of the details of this move. Thank you.

Name: Caparina Vazquez

Country: Bolivia

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