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International Parcel delivery to Haiti

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I need to information about international parcel delivery to Haiti. So if there are any companies that happen to read this post, please email me some information as soon as possible. The parcel will be shipped from Anchorage, Alaska, in the United States. I am here on holiday and have taken many pictures that I want my family to see so I am sending many back for them to look at. Yes, it could wait until I am there with them, but most of them have never seen such a place and I think they would enjoy it.

Could you tell me how much you will charge me to ship this parcel to Haiti from Alaska? Could you also tell me if you can deliver this parcel without it being damaged? This pictures are irreplaceable, which is why I asked. Is there a location near here that your company has a drop off spot? You can email this information to my email address. I have included it here just for this purpose. Thanks for sending this info.

Country: Haiti

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