Expedited Parcel delivery to Liechtenstein
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Expedited Parcel delivery to Liechtenstein

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Is there a way that I can send expedited parcel delivery to Liechtenstein? And if so, does your company have a drop off location in the Perth, Australia area? If so, then where is ti so I can drop this parcel off. It really needs to be shipped as soon as possible.

I am sure that you are asked many of these same questions, so please forgive me for asking them again. My parcel weighs less than 3 kilos and is about 310 mm by 304 mm by 300 mm. So it is sort of small and lightweight. Could you tell me about how much you will charge to express deliver this parcel? How long will it take you to deliver it? If the parcel is damaged for some reason during shipping, do you pay to replace the item? If there is anything else that I should know about shipping with your company, please include that in your information as well. I will look for this information in my email account. Thank you so much for sending this to me.

Name: Susan Atkins

Country: Liechtenstein

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