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International Parcel delivery to Uruguay

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I want to ship a package to my friend who is living in Uruguay. If there are any companies here who handle international parcel delivery to Uruguay, would you please email me information about your shipping services, especially as they pertain to shipping between Anchorage, Alaska, in the United States, and Uruguay? I will greatly appreciate it if you do.

The package is 3 ft in length by 2 ft in width and about 1 ft deep. It weighs right at 7 pounds. including the packing material that I have included in order to secure the contents. Could you provide me with a quote as to how much you will charge me to ship this package with your company? Could you also tell me how long it will take you to deliver this package to Uruguay? Might you have a shipping office local to me that I can drop off this package? Any more shipping information in addition to this that you can include in your email will be welcomed. Thank you.

Name: Trevor Baldwin

Country: Uruguay

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