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Package delivery to Canberra

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I work for a company located just outside of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. I have a box of desk fans that I need to ship to Australia and I am in need of information about package delivery to Canberra, Australia. If your company can complete this deliver, please contact me as soon as possible.

The package to be shipped weighs just under 25 pounds. Its dimensions include 4 ft in length, 3 ft wide, and a foot and a half deep. How much are your shipping rates for a package of this size and weight that is being shipped over this distance? Might I also inquire if you have a tracking method so that both and we and our customer may monitor its progress? Is there an additional charge for that service if you do offer it? What mode of transportation will you use to complete this shipment? When is your estimated time of delivery?

Thank you for sending us this information.

Name: Harlin Boyd

Company: Linoret

Country: Australia

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