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Package delivery to Perth

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Hello and thanks for reading my inquiry. I need information about package delivery to Perth, Australia. The package will be shipped from my location here at Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. Does your company provide shipping services to or from both locations? We do ask that you pickup this package from our office. Is there an additional fee for pickup service?

The package is 10 inches in length, by 6 inches wide, and is 5 inches deep. It weighs just under 3 pounds including the packing material. Could you give us an estimate as to how much you will charge us to ship this package with your company? How soon would you deliver this package to Perth? Can you guarantee you will deliver it by then? We would also like to be sure this package is delivered only to the person it is addressed. Does your company provide that level of service? Please send your shipping information directly to the contact information I have included. Thank you for sending this as soon as possible. I appreciate it.

Name: Sharon Sylvan

Company: Brethwood

Country: Australia

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