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Package delivery to Toronto

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I need to send a package delivery to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from Los Angeles, California, in the United States. If your company ships between Los Angeles and Toronto, then I want to connect with your company as soon as possible.

The package contains several DVDs that I am sending to the university there in Toronto. I have already packed the DVDs and ensured they would be protected during shipping. However, if you can guarantee you will not damage them, I will appreciate it. The package weighs less than 4 pounds and the package is completely square with each side being about 8 inches. How much do you estimate you will charge me to ship this package with your company? Do you have a drop off location here in the Los Angeles area? How soon can you deliver this package to Toronto?

Yes, I have many questions, which is why I have posted them here so the experts can respond to them. Please reply to the contact information I have included with this post. It will ensure that I receive it. Thanks.

Name: Samuel Valen

Country: Canada

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