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Package delivery to Frankfurt

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I need to send a package delivery to Frankfurt, Germany. I am sending this package from Cairo, Egypt. If your company has a shipping office here, then I can drop off the package since I have already packed it. The package weighs slightly more than 7 kilos. It is 457 mm in length, 254 mm wide, and 152 mm in depth. I do not require express delivery for this package, so could you provide me with an estimate of how much you will charge me to ship this package with you?

How much time will it take for this package to travel between Cairo and Frankfurt? Do you have a set day or time that you will deliver this package? What are the chances that this package will become damaged during shipping? If it does become damaged, does your company provide compensation for the loss? I am including my direct email address so that you may send your shipping information to me. I do appreciate it.

Name: Hakeem Alishaween

Country: Germany

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