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Package delivery to Amsterdam

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I need information about package delivery to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from a company who can provide this service both efficiently and economically. Please submit any information to the email address I have provided for this post. This is the fastest method for me to receive your company's information.

The package I must ship weighs 5.4 kilograms. It is also 45 cm in length, 25 cm wide, and 18 cm deep. Incidentally, the weight includes that packing materials as I have already prepared the package for shipping. How much will you charge to ship this package to Amsterdam from Qatar? Please also include a price for express shipping if I should decide to ship this by the express method instead of by regular shipping. Please also include how quickly you can deliver this package and if you offer a pickup service. If you do not offer a pickup service, please include if you have a local shipping office here in Qatar so that I may drop off this package. Also, please include what hours your office is open for business too. Thank you.

Name: Omar Harienth

Company: Unutri

Country: Netherlands

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