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Package delivery to Liverpool

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I am inquiring about package delivery to Liverpool, United Kingdom (UK). My aunt is visiting relatives there in Liverpool, and she asked me to ship some family pictures that she had forgotten to take with her. These pictures were taken long before digital images were made available, so these pictures must be shipped with great care. I have personally packed them in the box so that I would know they would be properly protected during shipping. However, I must ask for your assurances that you will not damage this package and especially the pictures during shipping.

Please inform me if you have a shipping office that is near to Barcelona, Spain. I will drop off this package if you will provide me with its location and the hours of service you are open. How much will you charge me to ship this package with your company? Do you offer express package shipping as well? If so, then how much of an additional charge is that over your express shipping service? Thank you for sending this shipping information to my email address provided here.

Name: Fructuoso Lucio

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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