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Package delivery to New Orleans - Louisana

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Hello and I appreciate your taking the time to review and respond to my inquiry about package delivery to New Orleans - Louisiana, in the United States. My company needs to ship a package from our facility here at Nantes, France. It is not a large package, but it is a little heavier than it may at first appear. It is about the size of two shoe boxes, and weighs 7 kilograms.

I would like to know when you can pickup this package at our facility and also when you will deliver it to our customer in New Orleans. We would also like to have the ability to track this package while it is in transit. Do you offer this service? Do you offer a signature service that stipulates that only the addressee may receive the package? How will you compensate for any loss or damage of the package while you have it for shipping? We will appreciate your sending this information directly to our contact information included with this forum. Thank you for sending us this information. We will contact you soon to schedule a pickup.

Name: Aalish Rosemond

Company: Riveros

Country: United States

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