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Package delivery to Calcutta

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Ship Shape Wears has just gotten a new client in Calcutta. We need to find a package delivery company that can get their goods that they are ordering there safely and in a timely manner. Our warehouses are in Latvia so all shipments will be coming from there. We are willing to go and drop off the packages at a centralized drop box or store front if that saves us some money, but we would prefer the delivery company to come and collect them if at all possible as this would be much more convenient for us.

All of the packages should be under twenty pounds, but the weight will vary some. With this in mind, we would like you to submit a weight and pricing chart with your proposal so that we can have it as a reference moving forward. Also please include your licensing info so that we can have that on file as well.

Name: Deseree Ponders

Company: Ship Shape Wears

Country: India

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