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Package delivery to Dublin

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I have a friend who is visiting his relatives in Ireland. He has been there for the past couple of weeks, and he has just sent me a message and asked if I would send him a few things that he needs. I have packaged these personal items and have them ready to ship. However, I have never shipped anything overseas before, so I need information about package deliver to Dublin, Ireland.

Surely, there is a company that is near to me who can complete this task. After all, I am located at New York City, New York, in the United States. So I am near to many airports and shipping terminals. Does your company provide pickup services? Or would it be better if I drop off this package at your local office? Just tell me where your local office is located and when it is open for business and I will drop it off.

What are your standard express shipping rates for package shipped between New York City, and Dublin? If you will send me an information package I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Name: Lucio Gironda

Country: Ireland

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