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Package delivery to New Delhi

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I have a package delivery to New Delhi, India, that I must make the arrangements for. This package is not that large, and weighs but 6 kilograms. It is ready to ship from our facility at Rome, Italy. Please tell me how soon you can provide a pickup service at our facility? Is it possible you can send me an estimate of how much you will charge us to ship this package with your company? Also, how quickly can you deliver this package to New Delhi? Is this a guaranteed delivery time?

Please contact me directly through this forum, as this is the quickest contact method for us to begin working with your company. Do you also provide an expedited shipping service? How much extra does that cost? How much difference is there between the delivery times? What is your claims policy should something happen to our shipment while it is in transit? Thanks for sending us this information.

Name: Adamo Pecora

Company: Bismarcohm Industries

Country: India

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