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Package delivery to Riyadh

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City Wide Foreseen Enterprises is based out of the United Arab Emirates but we have clients all over the region. We have just gotten some clients signed that are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We need to find a good company to work with long term that can deliver packages from our office in the United Arab Emirates to these new clients in Riyadh.

I can not image that these packages will be all that regular, maybe once a week, but they will vary in size and weight somewhat. We would prefer to find a company that can come and pick up these packages from our offices, but we are willing to have an employee go and drop them off at a centralized hub or store front if that is how your company does business. Just please indicate how you do things with your response to this post so that I can keep that in mind while deciding.

Name: Ophelia Banner

Company: City Wide Foreseen Enterprises

Country: Saudi Arabia

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