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Package delivery to Stockholm

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I have a most urgent request. I must send a package delivery to Stockholm, Sweden, by the quickest method of shipping that your company offers. The customer is in need of this package, as they need the machine part to repair one of their manufacturing machines. Therefore, this delivery must be sent by an express or expedited shipping method. How soon can your company arrange for a pickup at our facility here in Barcelona, Spain? Then, how quickly can you deliver it to Stockholm?

Our package is not very large. For that matter it weighs slightly less than one kilogram. Do you have a standard shipping rate that will apply to our shipment? How much will you charge for this delivery? Does this include charges for your fastest delivery method? Can you provide us with assurances you will deliver this package within the next three days?

Please send your company's information to the email address I have provided to this forum post. Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry.

Name: Benicio Mosquera

Company: Genradia

Country: Sweden

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