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Package delivery to Mumbai

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I work with Six Above Inc, which is based out of Karachi, Pakistan. I have just gotten some perspective clients in Mumbai, India that I need to send a package to in the next couple of weeks, welcoming them to our program, as well as there may be some additional packages that will need to be sent after that occurs.

The welcome package is a series of pamphlets and brochures, outlining our programs and offerings, as well as some pictures for promotional reasons. We also send some promotional pens and a pad of paper to help encourage the new clients to think about us beyond the initial contact. This entire welcome package does not weigh all that much and is ready to be shipped as I type so there will be no delay in regards to getting it ready.

Please advise if your company can help with this kind of International package delivery in a timely manner.

Name: Greg Smith

Company: Six Above Inc

Country: India

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