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Package delivery to Rome

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Besides the post office route, I am looking for some options for package delivery to Rome. I am in Rabat, Morocco and would like to send some things to a friend there. He was my college room mate and just took a job in Rome. He left a few of his things behind so I am trying to get some options on how I can send them to him without costing either of us too much money or heart ache with paperwork and duty fees and the like.

That being said, we do realize that many things will have a duty fee assessed to them when shipping Internationally. If you could give me a ball park of what fees we are looking at when shipping to Rome, that would be very helpful. Also if you have any size requirements for shipments, please indicate that so that I can try to adhere to those to save on the expense of this.

Name: Blossom Smith

Country: Italy

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