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Package delivery to Shanghai

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Good morning. I am in desperate need of an International shipping company as I have a package that I need to have delivered to my sister in Shanghai in the next two weeks. She was just visiting me here in Minh City, Vietnam and she left her portfolio here (she is a photographer). She has a very important meeting coming up in two weeks time and she needs that portfolio in the meeting, which is why I have such a hard fast deadline to get it to her.

It is a bit big but not particularly heavy. It will be like shipping a piece of art work, if that gives you an idea of the dimensions. I can measure it when I get home from work if you would like. She would like me to get a tracking number for it when it ships so she can keep an eye on its progress. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Name: Bethany Lotts

Country: China

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