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Containerized Ocean cargo to Sweden

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We have a shipment of rope that is being prepared at our facility just outside of Mobile, Alabama. I need information about containerized ocean cargo to Sweden sent to my email address as soon as possible. Once we complete the manufacturing process, the rope will be spooled, packaged, and secured onto a container that your company would provide. We will ask that the container be dropped off for loading. This ensures your driver is not delayed and the entire procedure works as efficiently as possible.

The shipment will weigh about 33, 000 pounds not including any load securing equipment. We estimate that equipment will weigh approximately 150 pounds total. When do you estimate you can deliver this shipment to Sweden? How soon do you require a notice before scheduling a pickup appointment? What are your current rates for these shipments? Would your company also be available for a return shipment if the customer in Sweden would have one available? Please include as much information in your email as you can. Thanks.

Name: Paul Unopent

Company: Shpping Service Ltd

Country: Sweden

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