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Package delivery to Reykjavik

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Hi there. I am hoping to find some help with a package I need to have delivered to my aunt in Reykjavik. She has just bought a new house there and I and my husband would like to send her a little house warming gift to let her know we are excited for her and to send our general congratulations.

We have picked up some really cute hand embroidered kitchen towels with little pigs on them (her favorite). I know she will just love them so they are just perfect. We are also going to be including a hand written note from us to let her know what has been going on with us here in South Africa.

Since this is an International shipment, I would like to shop around for some shipping rates, which is why I am on this site. Please let me know if you can help and what the procedure is to move forward.

Name: Cindy Howe

Country: Iceland

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