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Package delivery to Bangkok

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Hi there. I am looking to have a package delivered to my friend in Bangkok. It will be shipped from here in Murzuq, Libya so this will be an International shipment if that makes any difference. The only problem I see in doing this is not that it will be shipped Internationally. It is that I would like the package delivered by the thirtieth of this month, making the time to do this very short.

I am hard fast on this delivery date too, so please do not try to get me to waiver on this point. I can be flexible on when it is sent though, if you need more time or less. I can even ship it as early as tomorrow morning if that makes life easier for you as a shipper. My friend is going to need the contents of the package on the thirty first of this month which is why he will need it by the day before, at the latest. Please let me know if you can help and what other information you need from me. Thanks.

Name: John Barney

Country: Thailand

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