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Parcel delivery to Afghanistan

In an effort to reconstruct infastructure after a period of war and civil strife, Afghanistan Customs is under orders to ecourage international trade and raise revenue collection. The process through Customs has been simplified to ensure a more efficient process. Recent innovations in technology have made Afghan Customs more able to fight corruption. Afghanistan is a member of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Customs for parcel shipping to Afghanistan

In Afghanistan a low value shipment is worth less than 5,000 AFA ($100 USD). Thus there are no gift exemption limits in Afghanistan. If the value of the shipment does not match the declared amount on the invoice, customs has the right to adjust the rate accordingly. Military shipments must include a transportation memo issued by the Department of Defense (DOD) or the Department of Army (DOA). Military bases are served, there may be a truck cost for remote areas. Commercial shipments are only delivered to Kabul.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Afghanistan

It is prohibited to import the following commodities into Afghanistan: alcoholic beverages, media that is prohibited by Islamic law, illicit narcotics, precious metals, telecommunications equipment, pornography, communist propaganda, vitamins and herbs, satellites or their parts, Viagra, stamps, bearer documents, or statues and icons.

Hazardous materials are prohibited from importation into Afghaistan, and may include: acids, batteries, biological products, chemicals, corrosives, cosmetics, dangerous goods, flammables, gases, ice, infectious substances, liquids, magnets, oxidizers, paints, perfume, poisons, radioactive material, or toiletries.

Parcel documents delivering to Afghanistan

All parcels entering Afghanistan should include an original invoice with two copies. The cosignee's full contact information must appear on the invoice, including a local address, telephone number, and email. Antiques, fine art, and jewelry will require a Special Comodities (ISC) Contract. The art will be subject to Islamic censorship. Metal can only be imported if it is not of historical value or destined to be manufactured into a weapon. Special authorization is required for weapons and explosives.


International Parcel Package delivery to: Farah, Herat, Jalalabad, Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-I-Sharif, Zaranj