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Parcel Delivery service is easy with our site. Parcels Packages .com has created a network of parcel delivery companies and couriers that have the capabilities and facilities to ship your parcel and package around the corner, or around the world. Once you have completed your request form using our wizard, you will be matched with companies that meet your specific criteria. You will in turn receive quotes at no charge, leaving you free to decide which one is right for you!

Once your decision has been made, you will want to do everything possible to ensure that your parcel delivery will make it to its destination safely and securely. After discussions with numerous clients we have been able to formulate a list of contents that have often proven to be the most difficult to pack. Should the contents of your shipment contain any of the following, please consider our recommendations:

How to Ensure that Specific Contents of Your Parcel Delivery are Protected

Leaflets and Documents: Avoid loose paper by wrapping your brochures in brown craft-paper and insert the pack in an appropriately sized box or protected envelope.

Binders and loose brochures or documents should be packed in larger boxes. Do not leave empty spaces inside the box, instead fill the empty space with cushioning material.

Books: Books are especially vulnerable at the corners. Pack your books in top quality corrugated fibreboard, allowing a 20mm overlap at the ends. Place the wrapped book in a protected envelope where appropriate for your parcel delivery.

If your books are not suitable to be placed in a flyer, pack the wrapped books inside an appropriately sized parcel. Fill in with cushioning material.

Powders: Powders must be packed so as not to damage other shipments. Place the powder in a securely sealed heavy-duty plastic bag, then place the bag inside a solid corrugated drum-shaped cardboard container with a tightly sealed top.

Liquids: All liquid containers must be securely sealed in order to avoid leaks caused by vibration or shocks during transit. Poor preparation may cause your shipment to damage other package and parcel shipments or our handling systems. In extreme cases it may even lead to injury.

Wrap the containers in an impermeable material and, if possible, add sufficient absorbent material to absorb the liquid in case of cracking.

Do not use loose cushioning material, but tight and dense materials such as foam or corrugated cardboard.

Lastly, if your parcel delivery contains bottles, separate them with cushioning material so they do not touch each other.

Viscose Fluids: Semi-liquids, greases and strong-smelling products can damage other shipments if not properly packed.

Pack these products in strong tins, preferably made of aluminium. Fit the lid tightly and seal with heavy-duty adhesive tape or click systems. Wrap the tin in greaseproof corrugated paper to prevent it from leaking.

Photographic Prints: Wrap your prints in thin paper and insert them in a protective envelope.

Scissors and Knives : Sharp objects must be individually protected. Use heavy-duty cardboard to ensure that all points and edges are fully covered.

Place the wrapped objects inside a box. Use plenty of cushioning material. Do not allow the items to touch the sides of the container.

Electrical/Electronic Equipment: The manufacturer's packaging is often designed for marketing purposes and may not be appropriate to use for shipping. Use additional packaging according to the size, weight and fragility of the product.

Always use strong cardboard boxes, allowing sufficient cushioning material all around the items. Anti-static packaging products are available in the market, to prevent damage to electronic parts.

Toys and Games: The manufacturer's packaging is often designed for marketing purposes and may not be appropriate to use for the shipping of parcel and package. Use additional packaging according to the size, weight and fragility of the product for your parcel delivery.

Always use strong corrugated cardboard boxes, allowing enough space for cushioning material and avoid leaving empty spaces around the items.