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Use the map below to select the country for your International Parcel Package delivery Quote:

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Parcel delivery service can be easily found on our website. You can simply use our parcel shipping quote comparison service. There are some simple steps used to do so. You need to select the delivery service you are interested in. Then, please select the origin country and the destination country. Those can be the same. i.e. we do provide same-country delivery service. Last, click on the type of goods that need to be shipped and you are good to go. Hit the compare button to compare your quotes.

Have you seen that product somewhere online? Was it in a different country? They probably ask for over 50% of the cost of the item JUST FOR SHIPPING it. Why not use an international parcel delivery service that can get your shopping straight home without paying so much for it?

The steps are actually quite simple when you think of it. You want something delivered from point A to point B, but the cost is too high. So we solve it by using point C. How does that work? Simple!

Get a local address at the origin country. Say you are trying to ship a parcel from the USA to the UK. Then get an address service in the USA. There are many such service that offer this. You then have it shipped locally which is usually free. You then use the parcel delivery service to pick it up from the USA and have it delivered to your local address in the UK. It's that simple. And if you do this regularly, your savings can be in the thousands.

The steps for choosing and local address service will be specified elsewhere. We are concerned with finding the right parcel delivery service. This can be done simply and cheaply: just compare the quotes of different vendors!