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Parcel delivery to Algeria

The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is a North African country that has been home to many cultures through the millenniums. It is the largest country in Africa and is home to over 37 million people. The offical language of Algeria is Arabic. The country is a member of the African Union, the Arab League, the Arab Maghreb Union,  OPEC and the United Nations. The vast majority of the economy relies on petroleum exports. The World Bank classifies Algeria as an upper middle income country.

Customs for parcel shipping to Algeria

The freight broker is responsible for making a temporary declaration when goods enter Algeria. After this imports are placed in the care of the Customs Director and other Customs agents. Most imports are declared elctronically but manual clearance is available. Customs uses an automated system called SIGAD to classify imports and assign taxes and duties. Each shipment is recorded and automatically sent to the National Center for Statistics Information) to make sure the allocated quota for each commodity has not been reached.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Algeria

It is prohibited to import the following commodities into Algeria: goods from Israel, products made in Iran, mobile telephones, liquor, pornography, precious and non-precious metals, precious stones, bearer documents, checks, credit cards, dental products, illicit narcotics, hazardous materials and dangerous goods, film, furs, games of chance, herbs, ivory, jewelry, knives, micro film, passports, collectable stamps, and x-rays.

Parcel documents delivering to Algeria

Shipments to Algeria require an import declaration that is accompanied by several other documents. There should be a commercial invoice, a bill of lading or an airway bill, a certificate of origin, proof of insurance, a packing list, a copy of the certificate of registration and tax identification card. For certain commodities, especially those subject to phyto-sanitary regulations, other licenses, permits or authorization may be required.


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