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Parcel delivery to Antarctica

Even though Antarctica is an extremely large land mass, there are no permanent human residents on the continent so there is not regular parcel delivery there, nor are there any plans to do so.  They only people who reside there are researchers doing work on the environment and animal life there, for instance, and they are only there temporarily.  These researchers are there for a determined period of time, such as a few months or maybe a year, and stay in one of a few housings lodges that have been set up across the continent to help house the researchers and their corresponding equipment.  These would be the only locations that you would ever ship a parcel to as these are the only locations that people would ever be at unless they are out in the field, in which case they would not be receiving any shipments of any kind.

Parcel preparation when delivering to Antarctica

If you were to ship anything to Antarctica, the main concern you would want to keep in mind when shipping a parcel there is that of the weather.  The temperatures there are extremely cold, most often below freezing, so you will want to avoid shipping something there that would potentially freeze and get damaged or spoiled.  If you do send something that is temperature sensitive, you will need to make arrangements for it to be in a controlled temperature environment throughout its shipping period so that it is undamaged upon arrival.

Parcel delivery destinations in Antarctica

As stated above, there are no permanent residents in Antarctica so there are technically no real destinations that you would ship to there.  If you were to ship something to a researcher that is temporarily there, then you would get their address from the university or institute that sent them there perhaps and through them you could probably make arrangements to send your parcel.