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Parcel delivery to Azerbaidjan

The Republic of Azerbaidjan is a Caucacsus country bordered by Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and the Caspian Sea. The strategic location of the country makes it an ancient trading hub. There is an extensive network of roads, railways, and airports. Over half of the land in Azerbaidjan is dedicated to agriculture. The economy is based largely on the export of natural resources, and some manufacturing. The population speaks Azerbijani which is closely related to Turkish.

Customs for parcel shipping to Azerbaidjan

Improving international relations and the national economy are top priorities for the nation of Azerbaijani. Azerbaijani Customs has six main objectives: to improve the structure of importing goods, to establish an efficient ratio of imports and exports, to protect the economy, to efficiently control the customs territory, to create conditions for progressive change, and to create conditions for effective integration. Imports are classified according to Nomenclature of commodities by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic. Seasonal duties are charged for up to six months out of the year.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Azerbaidjan

The following commodities are prohibited from importation into the Azerbaijan Republic: bearer documents, blank checks or money orders, traveler's checks that have been signed by two people, blank credit cards, hash pipes, commercial film, gold, graphite, jewelry, knives, liquor, precious metals, military equipment, psychoactive medication, political material, hate propaganda, tobacco, products made in Iran, and watches.

Parcel documents delivering to Azerbaidjan

In Azerbaidjan it is the cosignee's responsibility to select a freight broker or complete the Customs procedure themselves. It is necessary to provide original import documentation in order to clear Customs. A standard declaration is recommended for those who wish to receive preferential treatment towards taxes and duties. The declaration includes a commercial and a certificate of origin. This declaration must be stamped by customs of the export country. Shipments of machine parts should include a descripton of each part and what it is used for on the invoice.



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