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Parcel delivery to Belarus

For clearance by customs the cosignee must present the following: company registration documents, The contract and passport of transaction (issued by Belarus Bank), and a translation of any foreign documents such as the invoice. The cosignee must also pay any taxes and duties that are due. Once customs has confirmed the reciept of the appropriate documentation and payment, the shipment is released. Shipments that have not been cleared within 15 days are sent back to the shipper.

Customs for parcel shipping to Belarus

Private shipments have to be valued to less than 10 euros to qualify for tax exempt status. Noncommercial shipments ar charged a customs duty of 30% plus a customs processing fee. Commercial shipments are charged a 50% duty plus a customs processing fee. Taxes and duties are determined according to the assessed value of the goods plus shipping and insurance. Most shipments of goods require a saftey certificate issued by ROSTEST.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Belarus

Hazardous materials are prohibited from being imported into Estonia, this may or may not include: acids, batteries, chemicals, corrosives, cosmetics, dangerous goods, flammables, gases, ice, infectious substances, some liquor, magnets, oxidizers, paints, perfumes, poisons, radioactive material, or toiletries.

Additionally the following imports are prohibited in Belarus: bearer documents, credit cards, hashish pipes, gold, graphite products, ice (dry or wet), jewelry, knives, precious metals, precious stones, political material, hate propaganda, and psychotherapeutic medication.

Any form of textile or electronic will likely require approval from the designated authority.

Parcel documents delivering to Belarus

Goods should be accompanied by a standard declaration, especially to qualify for preferential treatment. Any products which come into contact with the human skin, such as clothes, cosmetics, toys, food, or items used with food are subject to sanitary-epidemiological controls.A Sanitary-Epidemiological Control Government Registration Certificate from ROSTEST is required for these commodities. In addition they must be accompanied with an attested invoice that includes the shipper's stamp and signature as well as a full description of the goods, the place of origin, and the producer's name.



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