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Parcel delivery to Bolivia

Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America. It lays between Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Chile. It is a land of extremes between the Andean mountain peaks, Amazonian jungles, and harsh deserts. Bolivia is classified as a developing country where according to the World Bank 8% of the total roads are paved. The major cities in Bolivia are: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, La Paz, Cochabamba, El Alto, Oruro, Sucre, and Potosí. It is advisable to clear customs in person for some situations, such as when bringing personal effects into Bolivia.

Customs for parcel shipping to Bolivia

In Bolivia imports are only accepted three times per week. These days are Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from limited destinations. Shipments that A) are valued at over $1,000 USD, or B) weigh more than 40 kilograms, must be processed via formal entry. Additionally door to door delivery will not be available for formal shipments. As part of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Bolivia gives preferential treatment to shipments from EU member countries.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Bolivia

It is prohibited to import the following commodoties into Bolivia: any substance used to manufacture coca, cocaine, or any illicit narcotic, powdered substances, bearer documents. Hazardous materials are prohibited from importation into Boivia and may include: acids, batteries, biological products, chemicals, corrosives, cosmetics, dangerous goods, flammables, gases, ice (dry, wet), infectious substances, liquids, magnets, oxidizers, paints, perfume, poisons radioactive material, and some toiletries.

Parcel documents delivering to Bolivia

All shipments are required to provide an original waybill. All shipments valued at over $3,000 USD are required to include a certificate of origin. The Demininmis Value for private shipments is $1,000 USD. If the value of the shipmant is more than $1,000 USD then a broker is needed for clearance by customs. There are no gift exemptions allowable in Bolivia. Additional permission is required for commodoties such as antiques, fine art, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, CDs and software, coffee, chemicals, personal effects, and biological products.


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