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Customs for parcel shipping to Brazil

There are two kinds of import restrictions in Brazil, express and formal. Express is a parcel with a declared value under 6259 reais ($3000 USD). Express goods cannot be used for commercial purposes including retail, production, manufacturing, or inventory. There is an import duty and tax of 60% plus a 18% GST for all types of products. Formal parcels are worth more than 6259 reais or commercial shipments. Duties and taxes depend on the product classification and broker is required for clearance.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Brazil

The following commodities are prohibited from being imported to Brazil: timber from Liberia, checks and money orders, large quantities of used textiles, porcelain, fine art, tobacco, collectable stamps, plants, soil, precious stones, over 20 grams of poison, microorganisms, illicit narcotics, dangerous goods, color prints for theater or TV, perishable food, poultry from the US, beef with hormone stimulants, pleasure boats worth over 7302 reais ($3500 USD).

Parcel documents delivering to Brazil

Parcels entering Brazil need a customs valuation, an airway bill, and a certificate of origin. Commercial importers and exporters are required to register with the Foreign Trade Secretariat (SECEX) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MICT). Registry is a laborious process that can take over a year to complete. Commercial invoices for shipments must include the inscription number of the cosignee's tax payer registry. Additional documentation may apply for restricted commodities and luxury goods.

Parcel delivery limitations to Brazil

There are import restrictions on the following types of commodities: alcohol, antiques, artwork, furs and animal hides, jewelry and watches, and paintball guns. These items may require special permits as well as formal entry processing. Personal effects and unaccompanied baggage are allowed for personal use only. Personal use is defined as clothing and shoes. Non personal items such as electronics and computers will not be admitted. There are no duties on a reasonable amount of books if they are marked not for resale.

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