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International Parcel Package delivery Burundi

Packaging when shipping to Burundi

Before you send your parcel out the door to the Republic of Burundi, you should make sure you have packaged it correctly.  This means that you have the appropriate paperwork with your items and that you have everything securely wrapped and prepared for a long journey to this country.

Parcel transit times to Burundi

The Republic of Burundi is not the easiest place to ship to, not because of its geographical location, but because of its painfully slow Customs process.  Typically what people find when they ship to this country is that their parcels do get to the country's borders in a timely manner (based on how you ship it and where it is originating from, of course), but then it gets bogged down trying to get through its bottle necked Customs process.  There is not much you as the sender can do to help make this process faster besides having all your paperwork in order.  Because of this slow transit time problem, it is recommended that you do not ship anything perishable to this country.

Parcel delivery limitations to Burundi

You should check before you ship to Republic of Burundi for their most up to date list of restricted items.  Currently if you would like to ship arms or medicines, for example, you must receive special permission to do so.  This requires you to file more paperwork than you normally would and to pay a nominal fee for a permit typically, although the fee will vary based on what it is that you are trying to ship.  There are also some items on a prohibited list, like jewels or perishable infectious substances, which you are not allowed to send there no matter what.  These lists do change on occasion so it is best to make sure what they are at the time when you are ready to ship to make sure your items are good to go.

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