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Parcel delivery to Chile

If the shipment is worth over $500 USD then it should be processed by a professional customs broker. There is a list of designated brokers available on the Chilean Customs website. Customs entries can be submitted electronically or in person. The Harmonized Clearance System of Chile requires a detailed description for all shipments that enter the country. Shipments that are not accompanied by an appropriate description can be seized by Customs.

Customs for parcel shipping to Chile

Value is determined by the market value of the goods in addition to shipping and insurance charges. Depending on the type of commodity, a duty is applied that can be anywhere from 6% to 30%. Alcohol, tobacco, and luxury goods are charged an additional tax of 27% to 70%. This includes automobiles, antiques, fine art, jewelry, and precious metals. Items must be valued at under $30 USD to be considered gifts.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Chile

It is prohibited to import the following commodities into Chile: used vehicles for tourism, used motorcycles, used tires, asbestos, illicit narcotics, knives (except cutlery), cash letters, and dangerous goods. Personal goods should not be shipped to Chile via a parcel. The Department of Defense must approve incoming flags, uniforms, and military equipment, including telescopics and laser sites.

Parcel documents delivering to Chile

Chilean Customs requires a commercial invoice for all shipments. The invoice should be on company letterhead. It should include an itemized list, an accurate value, and be authorized by the shipper with a signature. The cosignee's tax ID or passport number and contact information must be included. Required importation documents include a commercial invoice, a cerificate of origin, a bill of lading, a packing list, and freight insurance. A minimum value of $1 USD must be declared for all non documents. Textiles, flags, machine parts, electronics and chemicals must be approved by the designated authority.


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