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Parcel delivery to Christmas Island

Given that only about 1,400 people live on the Territory of Christmas Island, it should come as no surprise that there are not a whole lot of options as far as regular deliveries of parcels go.  You will be able to find some companies that service the island, but you will not get the same price comparison shopping opportunity you would get when shipping to a more populated area or country. 

Parcel transit times to Christmas Island

The amount of time it takes your parcel to get to the Territory of Christmas Island will depend on where you ship it from and how you choose to ship it in the first place.  Talk to your shipping company for a specific time quote before you go with them so that you are on the same page.

Parcel tracking to Christmas Island

No matter what company you end up choosing to help you with your shipping needs to the Territory of Christmas Island, they will offer some sort of tracking system for your parcels.  There will be an additional charge for doing this, but it is well worth it for the peace of mind it will bring you to know, whenever you want, where exactly your package is in route.  Each shipping company will have their own version of a tracking system so you will have to ask them on how their particular one functions and how to check on your package.

Parcel delivery limitations to Christmas Island

Before you ship you good to the Territory of Christmas Island, you will want to make sure you checked their web site for their current listings of prohibited and restricted items. These two lists do change from time to time but generally will be along the same lines as the list for Australia given that this territory is owned by Australia.  If you have difficulty finding this list on line, you can either try to contact their Customs department directly or talk to your shipping company as they are supposed to be up to date on their type of listings for every area that they serve.