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International Parcel Package delivery Cocos (Keeling) Isl.

Parcel delivery to Cocos (Keeling) Isl.

Besides the fact that there are not that many residents on the Territory of the Cocos Islands, or Keeling Islands, there are not all that many shipments that come into port there.  The main concern when shipping there via the ocean si how to get the ship in there safely without hurting the environment of the island.  The boats must travel up through a lagoon area, making it a trek that not all vessels can make it through, even if they were allowed to in the first place.  You will want to check with your shipping company to see if they ship to the address that you would like to send your goods to because they would ultimately know what the best course of action will be for your particular shipment.

Parcel preparation when delivering to Cocos (Keeling) Isl.

Before you ship your parcel over to the Territory of the Cocos Islands you are going to want to get an accurate time quote for the shipping to occur.  With this time frame in mind, package your goods accordingly, keeping in mind if you are quoted a long shipping time frame that you would not want to send a perishable item, as an example.  Your shipping company will be able to give you advice on your shipping materials and may even have some for you to have while physically packaging your items before you send them out the door.

Parcel delivery destinations in Cocos (Keeling) Isl.

Given that all the residents (and there are less than one thousand) live in settlement areas in the Northern part of the Territory of the Cocos Islands, that is generally where you are going to be shipping your parcels to in the first place. If you want to ship it some place else, your recipient may need to travel to this area to collect their items from a centralized hub that your shipping company has designated.  Consult your shipping company before you send your goods out the door to see if this applies to your specific shipment so both you and your recipient can be prepared if so.