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Packaging when shipping to Comoros

Your shipping company will have some guidelines for packaging when you ship with them to the Union of the Comoros.  It is also best to check with them first for these guidelines and then try to adhere to them as closely as possible.  If you have an over sized parcel, for example, then you should talk to them about ideas on how to best package your goods to keep them safe during transit.

Parcel transit times to Comoros

The amount of time your parcel is in transit when headed to the Union of the Comoros will depend on a few factors.  First and foremost, the originating point will make an impact on how quickly your goods can get there.  Beyond that, the shipping company that you ultimately choose to help you with your shipment will play a role in its speed as well as some deliver there more often than others.  And lastly, you will typically have a little bit of control over the speed of your shipment, especially when you ship via air mail.  Most carriers will offer expedited options that you will need to pay a bit extra for, but it will get your items there a little faster if that matters to you.

Parcel delivery limitations to Comoros

It is best to double triple check for the current listings of prohibited and restricted items before you send your parcels out the door to the Union of the Comoros as these lists do change from time to time. Currently you are prohibited from shipping things like acids and radio active materials there as well as counterfeit money.  If you have problems locating the current list on line or contacting their Customs department for help, you can always ask your shipping company as they will be happy to help you figure out if your contents are good to go to ship there or if you will need to rethink your parcel.

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