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Parcel delivery to Denmark

As a member of the EU, Denmark is subject to free trade between other member states. However they have chosen to opt out on some key security concerns and as such the clearance process may be different for certain parcels. Most declarations in the EU are filed electronically. This expedites the formalized process of customs inspection significantly. Before the goods have arrived Customs has already started to review the manifest to determine each shipments contents. Items that require additional inspection are placed aside and the rest are forwarded to the national mail service for delivery.The parcels are scanned at key points throughout the process. Customs has the right to remove any parcel from circulation to examine its contents.

Customs for parcel shipping to Denmark

When goods arrive in Denmark they are classified in one of four ways: consumption, transit, storage, or re-exportation. Any imports that are shipped from outside the EU require formal entry clearance. Goods that arrive from within the EU or that have been cleared in another EU country are cleared for free circulation withing Denmark. In some cases the importer may be able to present import documentation after the goods have already been cleared. The declaration of imports will vary depending on the type of items and place of customs clearance. Shipments worth over 45 euros will likely be subject to duties and/or taxes.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Denmark

The following commodities are prohibited from being imported into Denmark, produce from Egypt, US beef hormones, Atlantic red tuna from Central America, products made in Iran, asbestos, L-tryophane in any form, thermometers containing mercury, toys containing copper sulfate, products containing biocide dimethylfumarate, and rubber erasers that resemble food. Restrictions apply to alcohol, food, hazardous materials, knives, used personal effects, plants and seeds, plastic cutlery, or tobacco.

Parcel documents delivering to Denmark

Goods being shipped to Denmark may require proper import licenses depending on the type of commodity being sent. Failure to obtain the correct license beforehand may result in significant delays for some shipments. Take care if you are shipping any products that originated from animals, or pharmeceuticals.
There are no requirements regarding a manifest or bill of lading. However certificates of origin will be needed for any shipment of textiles that is worth over 45 euros. A commercial invoice is needed for all dutiable shipments.




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