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Customs for parcel shipping to Dominica

The Customs department in the Commonwealth of Dominica is there to try to ensure the safety of its homeland by following the rules and regulations of shipping into, and out of, the country.  They reserve the right to inspect all parcels that come into the country so keep that in mind when you are packaging you goods for shipping over there.  In addition to this, they will check for your paperwork to be filled out correctly.  If you need help doing this, talk to your shipping company before you send your parcel.

Who ships parcels to Dominica

Before you ship your parcels to the Commonwealth of Dominica, you will want to do a bit or research for the best fitting shipping company for your particular needs.  Parcels 2 Go, P4D and GLS Logistics all ship parcels there, as do FedEx and UPS.  NEX and UShip service this country as well, giving you planety of choices of who to go with when you are getting ready to send something over there.

Security concerns when shipping parcels to Dominica

The Commonwealth of Dominica has some minor problems with piracy for shipment being sent there via ocean cargo freight liners, but this does not happen all that often.  It is still worth noting though, as it does occur from time to time.  This country, as well as many Caribbean countries, have put in place security measures to help ward off such criminal activities from happening and to ensure the safety of their crew, as well as the goods being shipped.  This has helped the matter a bit, but it has not stopped piracy from occuring altogether.  With this in mind, you are going to want to check into getting some insurance on your items before you ship them to the Commonwealth of Dominca, just in case something happens to them.  This way you will at least be reimbursed for the monetray value that you declared on your parcel.